Are Children’s teepee parties fun & safe in 2019?

2019 has shown a massive spike in parents hosting a child’s teepee party across Australia. Children’s teepees have been around for decades. But hosting parties that the theme is tipis is new.

We asked several parents who recently hosted their children’s birthday party with a teepee celebration what they thought and if there were any negatives to this type of celebration. Every parent had nothing but great things to say about how the children absolutely enjoyed their birthday teepee party. Most people know that hosting a child’s birthday can be somewhat stressful and tough. This is where a teepee party can come in handy. The company providing the child’s tents do all the work. Many even offer a cake and card service so you literally have nothing to do. All that must be done prior is to make a space that is big enough clear and the party provider will do the rest.

So Kids Teepee Parties Definitely Are Fun

We decided to take the questioner that little bit further and asked for feedback from not only the party hosts but also the attending children’s parents. The feedback was exactly the same yes indeed attending children had a great time at the tipi party.

With a 0% negative feedback we highly recommend if you are thinking about it to give it a go!!

Are Children’s Tipi Parties Safe?

Yes, absolutely they are safe!! All providers screen their staff with police safety records checks. The staff at each provider we spoke to sounded very caring and it was obvious they enjoyed their job. Taking great pride in providing an environment and situation that a kid can have an amazing time in.

If you have ever hesitated on throwing a tipi party because you thought it may be unsafe, don’t let this reason stop you.

Are the tents safe? Yes, absolutely the material is light and there is no real way a child can be hurt by the tipi falling or any kind of physical safety issue. So all in all don’t hesitate and throw an amazing party for your child today.


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