Meeting of Minds
Group Conscience Document

The Meeting of Minds group is an AA group formed to provide a closed meeting by electronic mail. The group is registered as an AA group by the General Service Board in the UK at the General Service Office, PO Box 1, Stonebow House, Stonebow, York Y01 2NJ, U.K.

Given the medium this group operates in it is the Group Conscience that: A. Use of foul language directed at an individual or group of members with malicious intent is unacceptable. Repeat offenders risk temporary removal from the list. B. Any member found to be knowingly committing acts which are harmful to the basic technical integrity of the server (hardware) used to 'house' MoMs, will be removed from the list. Because we wish to be an AA group like any other, we will abide by AA's Traditions, Concepts for World Service, and Guidelines. 

Amendments to GC document
12-001 There is no cross talk at this meeting. This means we do not oppose another memberís share, nor do we directly or indirectly criticize other members shares. This includes posting non direct rebuttals after others share. We are not here to advise anyone, only to share our own experience, strength and hope. If you agree or disagree with a members post, tell them directly and privately, but in a spirit of cooperation, not criticism.
(Adopted Nov 3, 2012)

13-001 Members should treat each other with respect and CIVILITY in all posts. This includes no flaming or willfully belittling other members. The group has the authority to temporarily suspend the email posting rights of individuals who the group conscience find are being disruptive and/or disrespectful to other members. During the period of suspension, the suspended person will continue to be in the meeting and receive all postings but will be suspended from posting to the group list. Term of suspension would be from 14 to 60 days depending on the group conscience's determination of the severity of the offense(s) . 1st time=2 weeks. 2nd=30 days 3rd. 60days.
(Adopted Apr 11, 2013)

The Meeting of Minds group trusts its elected officers to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the AA traditions, choosing the course of action that will best further AA's primary purpose. The officer positions, terms of service, and responsibilities are:

Chairperson 1 year term

1) Conduct the group's business meeting. This will include keeping the business meeting discussion orderly and discouraging personal attacks.

2) Call for a vote on motions that have been made and seconded by business list members after allowing time for discussion. A voting period of one week is suggested.

3) Ask for volunteers, nominations, and seconds to fill vacant positions or expiring terms and conduct elections for these positions when necessary.

4) Together with the Speaker-Secretary, accept votes by private email, tally the votes, and post the results.

5) Maintain this Group Conscience document, amending it to reflect either group votes or changes resulting from evolving circumstances or group practices.

Speaker-Secretary 1 year term

1) Conduct the group's weekly discussion meeting. This will include inviting members to chair the weekly meetings, providing chairs, with guidance and a format for the meeting, and reminding chairs, of their upcoming scheduled meeting obligation. The Speaker-Secretary will attempt to keep the meeting orderly and discourage personal attacks.

2) Together with the Chairperson, accept votes by private email, tally the votes, and post the results.

3) In the absence of a Chairperson, call for volunteers, nominations, and seconds to fill the Chairperson position and conduct an election if necessary.

Alternate Chair/Speaker Secretary

1) Only be called to serve when either of the positions notified us that they would not be capable of serving for either an indefinite period, or for the rest of their term.

2) Serve as long as the trusted servant needed a replacement, or

3) Serve until elections could be held to replace the trusted servant with newly elected person. This should happen no longer than 2 months after the person leaves their position.

4) The Alternate Chair/Speaker Secretary should have all info necessary to immediately step into either position if vacant. By-laws, email addresses of all MoM trusted servants, copy of the format for meetings for opening and closing.

5) Notification from the Chair or Speaker Secretary to the alternate whenever they are gone for extended periods in case there is an emergency in the meeting and either person cannot be reached, thus requiring the alternate to step in for a brief period.

Should we lose both our Chair and Secretary at the same time, we should immediately call for elections by the alternate to replace one or both positions.

General Service Representative 2 year term

1) Act as the Meeting of Minds representative to all General Service Organizations of AA.

2) In the absence of either the Chairperson or Speaker-Secretary, accept votes by private email, tally the votes, and post the results.

Treasurer 2 year term

1) Maintain a Meeting of Minds checking account and disperse funds in accordance with the group conscience. This will include payment of routine, on-going expenses such as PO Box rent, postage, check printing, banking expenses, and WWW site expenses.

2) Provide an address where members can mail contributions and ensure that this address is correctly included when the seventh tradition basket is passed at the end of each meeting.

3) Provide and email or snail-mail receipt for each contribution.

4) Submit a monthly report to the business list of funds received and dispersed, as well as advising the group when a prudent reserve has been exceeded or special expenses should be considered.

5) In the absence of both the Chairperson and the Speaker-Secretary, accept votes by private email, tally the votes, and post the results.

List Maintainer indefinite term

1) Act as the Meeting of Minds representative to the group maintaining the Meeting of Minds, server.

2) Assist members who are having technical difficulties and respond to email sent to 3) Forward "bounced non-member mail to the Greeters on a rotating basis.

4) Maintain the member lists for both the business and discussion meetings. This will include adding new members to the discussion list when their information is provided by greeters and adding new members to the business list upon receipt of their request.

5) Ensure that an appropriate and correct set of instructions for common operations (e.g., signing on and off the list, switching to digest version, etc.) are included in posts from the list.

WWW Site Maintainer indefinite term

1) Perform regular maintenance on the Meeting of Minds WWW site and implement all changes directed by the group conscience.

2) Coordinate the publishing of an electronic journal of members, contributions on the WWW site.

Greeters (2) 1 year term

1) Contact individuals expressing an interest in Meeting of Minds membership.

2) Send appropriate welcoming materials and information to any alcoholic expressing a desire for membership.

3) Provide the List Maintainer with the name and email address of new members.

4) Introduce new members to the discussion groups.

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