Format for MoM Business Meeting

1. Agenda items can be sent to the Chair at any time.  They will be placed on the next available agenda, and the maker will be notified of when the item will come up. In some cases, exceptions may be made for pressing issues. An average agenda will contain no more than four items for ease in handling. Again exceptions can always be made, depending on the amount of time each item will require.

2. All agenda items which have been defeated by the proper voting procedures, should not be considered for submission to another agenda, for a period of six months.

3. At the posting of the agenda there is open discussion on said items for two weeks.

4.  At the end of the discussion period, the Chair will issue a ballot. There will be a one week voting period. It is the Group Conscience of the Business list that all issues being voted on will be passed by a simple majority voting procedure.

5.  The Chair will post ballot results. Make appropriate changes to the Group Conscience Document, or Business list format...Then will open a new meeting after a short respite. The Chair will post the Tradition of the month at the beginning of each month. At any time during the month, it will be considered on topic to send posts on said Tradition.

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