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How Pr Design Basements Are Fitted Out

How Pr Design Basements Are Fitted Out

How Pr Design Basements Are Fitted Out

 Pr Design | Basements are a common feature in many North American homes. They may be fitted out, either during construction or at a later date by the owner, to function as a fully functional addition to the house, containing recreation and living space, one or more bathrooms, and one or more closets.


Homeowners often choose to make a bar or kitchen the focal point of their lower-level designs. The bar/kitchen may serve as a sleek and chic adult-only hangout, a spot to entertain friends, or grab an after-school snack for the kids. Some basement designs even pair a bar/kitchen with a separate living room area to offer multiple functionalities.

Finished basement ideas should focus on enhancing the space with cozy textures and a soothing color palette. This year, neutral hues with natural tones are a major trend in basement design. Sandy browns and stone colors with green and blue undertones can create a sense of calm and blend well with wood fixtures.

When choosing basement design software, look for a solution that offers photorealistic 3D floor plans to help clients connect with their spaces. This is especially important since most homeowners will be modifying existing framing, electrical, and plumbing systems. Make sure to consult with a licensed professional before beginning any changes.

Living Room

Adding a living room to your basement design creates a defined space that is great for family gatherings and everyday relaxation. It can also be used as a home theater or as a kids’ play area when fitted with oversized upholstered couches and a large TV.

To make the most of your basement living room, rely on warm hues to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Sandstone tones, earthy browns, and terra-cotta shades add character and work well with wood fixtures and neutral decor.

Designers Kelling Designs paired warm taupe walls with a neutral linen sectional in this open-plan living room, to make the space feel elegant and sophisticated. To prevent the neutral color palette from feeling flat, the designers layered in patterns through the use of fabrics, pillows, and decorative elements.

Bring nature inside with a soothing green living room scheme. Deep blues with hints of green are a perfect choice to create a relaxing ambiance, especially when combined with natural tones such as sandy browns and terra-cottas.

Sport Court

Whether you’re looking to host a neighborhood basketball tournament or a game of pickleball with friends, we design and install the highest-quality backyard sports surfaces. Our expert installers are familiar with local city codes and environmental regulations.

The designated surfacing helps reduce injuries and joint stress with patented shock-absorption grids that help absorb impact while providing the perfect amount of traction to prevent slipping. These are the same surfaces that are used by world-class athletes and teams.

The foundation for any sports court is concrete, which is the best option because of its consistency and low maintenance. However, if your municipal code limits your impervious coverage, a permeable SportBase base system that lays on top of an aggregate rock base is an excellent alternative. This product can be a cost-effective solution without sacrificing performance or safety.


Having a dedicated space for activities can help prevent toys from being scattered throughout the house and also cut down on hearing the dreaded “I’m bored!” kids’ phrase float down the hall. The key to a great playroom is creating identified areas for different activities such as a reading nook, Wendy’s house, or craft room.

Depending on the interests of your children, you may even want to include a music room, sports room, or home art studio. Incorporating items such as a work table, easel, cube, and crate storage, or pegboard wall for supplies can make your basement layout plans come to life.

Consider using color in the accessories of your child’s playroom. This way they can easily be swapped out for something new as their tastes change over time. Bold colors can be exciting, but be aware that they can also consume more space visually and cause your basement to feel small and closed in.